Antique Paper & Vintage Advertising

Original old advertisements from various magazines.  Great for framing.  Automobile ads from the early 1900's through the 1980's.  Many fashion ads and prints from 1900 through the 1960's.  Fabulous mid century designers of great fashion.  Other women related old advertisements for fashion accessories, hats, gloves and shoes.  Lingerie ads.  Food related vintage advertisements from well known manufacturers, such as Heinz 57, Campbell Soups, Wesson Oil, Kellogg's Cereal, Cream of Wheat and many more.  Radios, Victrolas, home decoration and furnishings vintage ads.  Cigarettes and alcoholic beverages.  Vintage travel ads.  We have it all.  Special requests?  Please email us and we will be happy to search for you.

 USA and INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: As many ads as you like for one shipping price!